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Improve your Life with Positive Self-Talk

Self-talk is the constant monologue that goes on inside your head during most of your waking hours.  It consists of myriad voices that whisper advice and opinions that can trigger emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger and doubt.  What is worrying however, is that often many of these emotions aren’t pertinent to the immediate circumstances […]

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The Role Self-Talk Plays in Your Life

The craaazy self-talk of your Inner Imps can, and often does, wreak absolute havoc. Their influence and ability to control your thoughts (your inner negative and positive self-talk) is one of the major contributors towards your behaviour, opinions, actions, inactions and overall performance in life. Their feelings and beliefs form a core part of your character and […]

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Inner Imp Thinking – Unleash your Potential

I have Inner Imps, YOU have Inner Imps, everyone has Inner Imps – a conscience, inner self-talk, voices, feelings, guides – whatever you want to call them, they are there guiding “Team You” to success, failure or, worse of all, soul-destroying inactivity. This inner self-talk is round-the-clock and often sub-conscious to the point we are […]

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