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How to Stop Waiting and Start Doing

Do you find yourself: Constantly waiting for the right moment?  Making a vow not to buy new clothes until you reach a certain weight? Waiting till the summer comes before you start a new exercise regime? We all do these things and sadly none of us should. The fact is that you really don’t need […]

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Are you Biding your Time or Procrastinating?

So, be honest here for a moment, are you biding your time (waiting for the right moment) or procrastinating?  Now get even more honest, and ask yourself if you even understand the difference between the two. The truth of the matter is, there’s a big difference between getting on and doing what you CANDo at […]

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How to Stop Procrastinating and Get It Done Already!

Do you put things off that you should be getting done? Does your daily To-Do List often end up a XXXX-I-Should-A-Done List? If so, then you’re gonna lurvve this one. We’re going tackle that little Inner Imp Procrastination today. Grab him by his ear and get him to own up to some of his really […]

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