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What to Look for in a Mentor

Studies show that the majority of people out there that have succeeded in life had a mentor of some sort; someone that has been there and done it and is happy to share that experience to help another overcome the stumbling stones in their own path. But mentors aren’t just for rich, famous and business entrepreneurs making […]

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4 Reason to Cut Negative People Out of Your Life

Cutting someone from your life is a decision that no-one takes easily however it’s something we should all consider from time to time for the good of ourselves and our happiness in life. When I talk about toxic people, I mean the people who drag us down with their criticism, negative attitudes, frustrations about themselves or their personal […]

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How your Self-Talk Influences You

Your Inner Imp’s influence you through your inner thoughts in the form or negative self-talk and positive self-talk. Whether you are bitten by a sudden urge to learn something new, change a habit or push yourself to do something you are afraid of – or perhaps verges just slightly on the strenuous and would mean stepping […]

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When Life Gets Tough

When life gets tough and the winds of change blow so hard they seem likely to knock you off your feet, close your eyes, hold on to your CANDo attitude and BELIEVE!

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