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What to Look for in a Mentor

Studies show that the majority of people out there that have succeeded in life had a mentor of some sort; someone that has been there and done it and is happy to share that experience to help another overcome the stumbling stones in their own path. But mentors aren’t just for rich, famous and business entrepreneurs making […]

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CANDo Journal – The Key to a New You

In so many of the articles and CANDoable activities I write and the Inner Imp Thinking Series of eBooks, I recommend jotting down notes, making lists of goals, writing down your feelings, etc., etc. – it’s invariably one of the first steps I suggest. Because plotting where you are and where you want to be is such […]

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One Big Reason to Dig a Little Deeper and Persevere

Not much rocket science behind this one, but it’ll certainly put a rocket up ya bum if you remind yourself of it once in a while. Anything you stick at (persevere with) will eventually get done. If you stick to your diet, you WILL lose that weight. If you stick to your plan, you WILL […]

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Tips on How to Achieve your Goals

As a child, did you have a list of things you wanted to do/be when you grew up? How many of those things have you done/achieved? With goals, are you continually tempted to put things off with a “There’ll be plenty of time for that later.” We all have – or should have – goals […]

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