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Tips for a Meaningful Life

Many people believe a good life is achieved through reaching all their goals and being able to pootle along in an amiable, comfortable manner that requires little if any effort – wrong. A good life is only achievable through continual adjustments (often small or seemingly insignificant)… every day.

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CANDoable Life Lessons

Do You Feel You Could BE and Achieve So Much MORE? Inside you know you’ve got it in you to make your life better but, if you’re like most people, sometimes you need a little push. CANDoable Life Lessons are here to do just that. When the mountain seems insurmountable, often we want someone to take […]

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How to Become A Better Parent

First off, go easy on yourself. You’re never going to be a perfect parent but, you can surprisingly easily become a better one. How? I hear you cry. The answer lies in taking the focus off your children. As with many things in life, it is sometimes necessary to take a step back before we […]

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How to Make a Good First Impression

Making a good first impression is an everyday life skill we all need to have tucked away in our back pocket. First impressions tend to be the ones that last. With little more than a quick glance, people will have you pretty much summed up and shoved in category before you’ve uttered a word – […]

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Life Skills for Children A-Z – C is for Communication

Communicating effectively is mega important if you want to live a happy and harmonious life. If you can do it yourselves at home with your wife, husband, sister, brother, dog/cat (yep them too), mother-in-law (argh!) and pass the skill onto your kids at home, it’s also a transferrable skill that will be invaluable in every […]

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Boots Vouchers for Parenting Classes

Three cheers for the trial initiative being funded by the UK’s Department of Education! I read an article over the weekend about how they are planning on providing young parents with children under five with vouchers for “parenting classes” – the CANParent Scheme. I think this is a wonderful idea. Parents choose to attend anti-natal […]

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6 Reasons to Subscribe to CANDo Life Skills

They’re pretty simple really. I will never spam you and I will always treat your email with the respect it deserves. You can opt out any time if you don’t find my hints and tips useful. You’ll receive some bloody good tips on gaining confidence and getting to grip with everyday life skills. You never […]

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Mama I’m Learning to Make Cup-Cakes

Next time you and your kids are up to mischief together and you are slowly (or maybe rather rapidly) frazzling, please, please, please remember reading this golden nugget. My only wish is that I could remember where I read it as I’d love to give credit it for it. Unfortunately, its origin is lost to […]

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Parenting – We’re Getting it Wrong

Now I’m not knocking the Suffragettes and all the sacrifices they made to earn women like me the equality we enjoy today but, to use a dreadful but rather apt cliché, I can’t help feeling we threw the baby out with the bath water as far as parenting is concerned. I look at the news reports of […]

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