Master Self-Discipline

If you are struggling to:Master Self Disciplinelose weight

  • get fit
  • complete a study course
  • learn a language
  • achieve your goals

The chances are your Inner Imp Self-Discipline is the one to blame and requires a little more… well, discipline. The diet you’ve chosen probably isn’t the one at fault; it’s your Self-Discipline failing to make you stick with it. The exercise/sport you’ve chosen isn’t beyond you and you don’t lack the time to do it. The problem lies with your Inner Imp Self-Discipline who doesn’t crack the whip hard enough to get you to turn up and do the deed. As for your goals? The only thing standing between you and accomplishment of these aims is whether your Self-Discpline is pushing you hard enough to keep going, even when you hit hurdles.

Who this book is for?

This book isn’t for everyone. It’s for those who are brave enough to consider that they lack the self-control to achieve their goals because their Inner Imp Self-Discipline is lacking oompf. Don’t try:

  • another diet
  • stop exercising or swop classes,
  • quit your study course, or
  • give up on your dreams.

Get this book and kick your Inner Self-Discipline Imp up the ass! If you’ve got the courage, get the book on AMAZON.