Showing Appreciation and Admiration in The Care Label Guide to Improving your Love Life

In relationships, a little appreciation really can go a long, long way.

For many women, it’s a compliment; a flower; a thank you for cooking; a call to let her know you’ll be late; planning a date; even turning your socks right side out. All these little things make a women feel as though she’s appreciated and supported. They make her feel that her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

This works for a man too but with different things. For men, it’s sincere appreciation; a supportive comment if things go wrong that says I trust YOU to take care of things because I know you can do it; honest and verbal approval that he’s considerate enough to turn his socks the right side out or ring to let her know he’ll be late; asking him to do little things for her and then appreciating him when he does them (and not nagging him about the ones he doesn’t!). All these things make a man feel bigger, stronger, more capable. Appreciation drives a man to do better things.

As time goes by in a relationship, the tendency is to begin to take each other for granted. Everyday things go unnoticed. Little effort is made to acknowledge the effort that has gone into daily activities. Men stop complimenting whereas women stop appreciating.

Read About All the Care Labels

Read About All the Care Labels

By starting to live life a little more in the now. Switching auto-pilot off and becoming more aware of each other and the little things you’re doing and saying for and to each other, you can start improving your relationship dramatically.

As care instructions go, appreciation and support tend to come up on a woman’s “care label” whereas men most definitely seek admiration – there’s a reason that many male’s of species in the animal kingdom strut their stuff whether it’s colourful plumage, demonstrations of strength or buffooning around with the lads when they’ve had too many beers.

If you or your partner feel cherished when you’re complimented or feel motivated by appreciation, then the chances are your “care label” features the appreciate and admire care instructions. Seek out ways to nurture each other in these areas. Give your man’s suit of armour a bit of a polish with some appreciation for things he’s proud of. Support you’re wife’s lacy bra with some compliments and support.

How do you offer appreciation and admiration to your partner? We’re putting together a list of the top ways so leave a comment or send us a CANDo email.

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  1. Det Nilam September 3, 2012 at 7:55 am #

    As far as I’m aware you are the first female writer who got this correct!!

    “Men compliment whereas women appreciate”

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