Life Skills That Will Help Improve Your Love Life

Even the best relationships need care and attention along with an occasional pick me up.

The way I see it, is that you’ve got two choices:

  1. Wait until the shizzle hits the fan and then try and clear it up – the problem with this is that there’s invariably a lingering stink that you may never fully get rid of.
  2. Take responsibility and put in a little effort every day.

If you’re the kind of CANDo go-getter that votes for option 2 – and the very fact that you’re following CANDO Life Skills suggests you are – then here are a few simple doohickies to spruce up the life skills that could dramatically improve your love life.

Liven up your Communication Skills

Communication is at the heart of any relationship. It pumps the good feelings and memorable times around your relationship. If communications break down, the whole system shuts down. You’ll end up with arguments, misunderstandings and holding in bad feelings and resentment.

Keep communications alive and kicking healthily by making more effort to communicate and understand each other and you’ll have a healthier relationship.

Go Get Some Goals

Have a goal plan. Something that you both want and you can work towards together.

There are loads of reasons to do this, the main one being that men tend to be goal orientated. If women give them the chance to plan and then achieve something, they’re giving them a prime opportunity to do what they were born to do – plan, lead and achieve. This gives women the chance to sit back and admire their man in action and the chance to look forward to gaining something they want.

Let Accountability and Responsibility Rule

Even if you’re part of a couple, your happiness and feelings remain your responsibility.

Take Responsibility.

If you don’t like something don’t wait for your partner to do something about it. Work out a plan, communicate it to your partner and get their input and then change it yourself.

Be honest about what you want and “share” that with your partner in an appropriate and respectful way.

It’s your life. Take control of it.

You Gotta Get Positive

Practice positive thinking to kick negativity up the booty and quit grumbling already.

There’s often an element of competition in relationship. “Who’s the most tired?” “Who did it last time?” “Whose turn is it to do this or that?”

Don’t go there.

Refuse to have the negative thoughts. Banish them from your mind and make the effort to make all your thoughts, comments and actions positive ones.

It takes real effort, but within a short time it’ll become second-nature and your outlook on life will be so much more satisfying.

Get Honest About Being Honest

Are you honest with your partner and I mean really honest?

Give that sometimes cowardly inner imp Courage a poke in the ribs and get him/her to help you communicate truthfully and from the H E A R T with your partner.  Tell them about your wants, care instructions on your care label and how they can follow them more successfully and your feelings when your hurt.

Do it and always do it respectfully and things really do get better.

Eat Well, Move More

Make a few lifestyle changes for the better and get healthy together.

Have a rummage around in your brains for healthy sports and activities you both enjoy that you can do to get moving together.

Agree to opt for healthier food choices. This doesn’t mean a diet by any means but it does mean being responsible for putting better things in your bod.

Improve Intimacy


There we said it. It had to come up somewhere!

What could you do to improve your sex life? Have you given up on sex? Do you have sex just to keep your partner happy? Do you feel that your partner is always refusing you?

Get Dr John Gray’s book Mars and Venus in the Bedroom. It’s a great follow on book to his Mars and Venus phenomenon and introduces a great sex “menu” from quickies or home cooked to the full gourmet monty and how to mix and match to keep everyone happy.

Your relationship is precious. Put in a little effort to polish up your love life skills in any one or more of these areas and it’s got more chance of shining for a life-time.

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  1. Det Nilam September 17, 2012 at 4:37 pm #

    Keep “good” communications alive. Too much of bad comms is not good either.

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