Keys to Boosting your Lady’s Confidence

Although women spend an inordinate amount on clothes and beauty products in a lifetime, it’s unsurprising to hear that it’s the things that don’t come with a galaxy-sized price tag that have the most impact on boosting our Inner Imp Self Esteem’s confidence.

Here are a few CANDoables that will put a smile on your lady-friend’s lips and a glow in her Self Esteem’s heart:

  1. Wow! Is this one easy.  Simply give her a a cuddle: it’s guaranteed to make her feel attractive as hell and that will give her Inner Imp Self Esteem a real boost.
  2. Tell her “I love you”. Acts like an intravenous injection of CANDo get-up and go-go juice when timed just right.
  3. Pay her a compliment.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant.  A simple “You’re looking good today!” will have her Self Esteem’s heart-a-pumpin’.
  4. If you’ve got young children – I’m sure you’re pulling your weight anyway – but give her an extra night off.  A night’s uninterrupted sleep will help re-fill her CANDo Attitude pot and boost her confidence.
  5. Arrange for her to go and have her hair done as a surprise. It doesn’t need to be a cut, colour or re-style, a simple but professional wash and blow dry will help rejuvenate flagging confidence.

Go on, give your lady’s Inner Imp Self Esteem a boost and you too may reap rewards in countless way…   a happier more fulfilled woman, less nagging, less irritability, more smiles, a little more sex … perhaps!!

The smallest gestures really do give confidence the biggest boost.

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