How to Show your Wife you Care

Women need men to repeatedly show them in little ways that they care. It reassures them of their love and makes them feel respected and cherished.

It really is the little things that count and, as a man, you can show your wife, girlfriend or lover that you care, and make her extremely happy, without actually doing a great deal.

Most men don’t need teaching to do these things because they really are so simple. What you need is hone your “building good habits” life skills and start getting into the habit of making the effort to do them.

Here are a few little things that will pay huge dividends in the “keep your lady happy department” – if you can get into the habit of doing them:

  • When you walk in the door, don’t do anything else until you’ve held your woman in your arms and given her a cuddle/hug.
  • Listen to her talk and just ask a few questions. Make this a standard time. Anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes when you first get home should do it.
  • DO NOT we repeat DO NOT try and solve her problems unless she asks you to because she probably hasn’t got any. She’s just trying to get things off her chest. Empathise with her and let her understand you know what she’d been going through.
  • If you know she likes them, bring her flowers or chocolates as a surprise. They don’t have to be expensive because it’s the thought that counts.
  • Compliment her on something. Her clothes. If you know she’s been to the hairdressers or had her nails done, compliment her on the results.
  • If you suspect she’s more tired than usual, offer to help with dinner, washing the dishes or evening chores.
  • If she talks to you, stop what you’re doing, look at her and listen.
  • If you’re going to be late, call and let her know roughly what time she can expect you.
  • Give her a call at some point during the day just to tell her you love her or you miss her.
  • Offer her a back rub or foot massage.
  • Turn your socks the right way out when you put them in the wash basket.
  • Hold hands when you’re out and about.
  • Arrange a date and tell her to put it in her diary. She’ll feel appreciated not only on the day (or night) or the date, but every time she looks at the calendar and looks forward to it.

Appreciating and showing a woman you care is all about doing lots of little, itsy bitsy things. Even if she just thinks about something you did for her or have planned for her she’ll give you another notch on her broomstick. Keep up the good habit and you’ll be living with a happy woman – which should, in turn, make your life better too.

What little ways do you show your lady that you appreciate her? Leave a comment below and share the joy of having a happy women with your fellow man.

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  1. Det Nilam September 5, 2012 at 7:52 am #

    This post is very valuable for men, I should have read it earlier! Simple things, simple to implement, hope it will have huge positive impact once I’ve implemented it. 🙂

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