Get Familiar With Your Care Label

If you’ve been following the series of articles on the Care Label Guide to Improving your Love Life, by now you should be pretty familiar with the most prominent care instructions out there.

The next step is to acquaint yourself with which of these little fellows feature on your Care Label and, if you’re in a relationship, your partner´s Care Label.

You can do this together or individually.

If you feel your relationship is up for it, you could also be little devils and have some fun by writing down how important each of the instructions is for the other. Compare them and see how well you REALLY know each other.

We’ve been super nice and tried to make this easier for you by preparing a Call to Action to help.

CANDo Life Skills Kick-Ass Call to Action – “Getting to Know YOU!”

Once you’ve identified and become an expert on your own care instructions, just by being aware of them, you’ll subconsciously be putting out “vibes” to people that you meet. In turn, they’ll be equally subconsciously, receiving information about your care instructions.

It’s irrelevant whether it’s in the realm of your love life, with potential friends you meet or colleagues at work, your inner imps are going to be “reading” people to determine how they measure up and how effectively they’re likely to be in satisfying these needs.

If you “bristle” when meeting someone, find a colleague difficult to get along with or just don’t “get” one of your friend’s friends, the chances are it’s because, subconsciously, you’ve determined this person is unable to meet your care needs. Worse still, it could be that you sense they may be detrimental to them and could bring you down and/or offend your morals and values.

Conversely, if you instantly “connect” with a new acquaintance, consciously make the effort to assess what it is you “like” about this person.

What is it that makes you feel so comfortable with them?

Do they listen and empathise?

Do you like the fact that they’re clean and take care of themselves?

The chances are, some behaviour or attitude they’re displaying resonates with one of the care instructions on your care label.

With a clear idea of what you need to satisfy yourself, you can actively start “drawing” it into your life by looking out for it in the potential partners you meet.  You may even be tempted to use positive thinking techniques such as the law of attraction, gratitude and affirmations to manifest it in your life.

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