Love Life Skills

Whether you want to breath a little more sex and romance into your relationship or figure out why you’re still single, it may be you need to take a look at your love life skills. Here’s the place to do it.

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Lay Flat & Shag Often

Are you getting enough sex?

Is your partner showing you enough affection?

Are you simply having problems finding Mr/Ms Right?

If you’ve the wrong answers to any of the above, then have no fear, get this outrageously funny, but true to life 

Relationships have an extraordinary knack for playing havoc with our emotions.

Whether it’s an interaction with a loved one, our boss or even a complete stranger, there seems to be some unseen power with the ability to make us sad, fearful, doubtful, angry or elated: the whole gamut of emotions is...Read More »

Improve your Relationship Life Skills

Fed up with the kids?

Mother-in-law driving you insane?

What about your boss or is it your partner that inhabits a different planet?

It’s impossible to live without having relationships of varying types; they come as a given in life and it’s one those little things we all just have to get on with....Read More »

Keys to Boosting your Lady's Confidence

Although women spend an inordinate amount on clothes and beauty products in a lifetime, it’s unsurprising to hear that it’s the things that don’t come with a galaxy-sized price tag that have the most impact on boosting our Inner Imp...Read More »

Keeping Love Alive and Kicking

Ah! Being in love’s just magical right? And then the honeymoon’s over, the fairy-dust starts to settle and you’re left with the hum-drum, every day job of cleaning it up and making your relationship work! The question most of us end up asking ourselves at some point, is...Read More »

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