Life Skills for Children

Help your children grow into responsible, independent adults with a CANDo attitude with these practical tips and whoop-ass CANDoables for teaching them essential everyday life skills.

We spend years learning how to become typists, computer programmers, doctors, lawyers or engineers and yet few people put in the effort to study how to be a good parent: it’s all hands on, learning on the job (and making some terrible mistakes along the way).

Being a parent is a job that is as, if not more, important than being a doctor, office worker, cleaner or shop manager. Children are “Adults in Training” and parents are their coaches but, because no-one is paying them for doing it, it’s not seen as a “job” and therefore, is demoted in importance.

Loving your kids isn’t enough.  Make sure you kit them out with life skills they’ll need to make a success of their lives when they’re the ones in control.

How to Survive the Summer School Holidays

Arhhhh!  It’s that time of year again.  The kids have their long summer break from school and your usually peaceful home has turned into a battle zone.  Nerves are frayed, tension is mounting and war has nothing on the bickering between siblings and the constant cries of...Read More »

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Sleep! I touched on this topic a while back in the Life Skills for Children A-Z series but I think it’s so important, I’m going to hit it again.

It’s pretty obvious to most that if we don’t get enough sleep we end up crabby and lack the va-va-voom necessary...Read More »

The Parent Pledge

Take Time to Be a Parent Today!

The Parent Pledge is the eBook world’s equivalent of a short story, which aims to make readers critically consider their role as a parent.

It’s a motivator and call for all parents to wake up and take full responsibility for raising their children by being hands on in...Read More »

Teaching Kids Problem Solving Life Skills

One of the most important life skills you can teach your children as they wander the lonely road of life, is how to solve life’s little problems on their own.

This baby is gonna be used and constantly evolved throughout their lives. It’ll help them figure out what they want or...Read More »

Parenting Life Skills- Not Feeling Good Enough!

WARNING: Rant Alert!

Do you feel as though you spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about whether you’re “getting it right” as a parent? I know I do.

I look around enviably at the other parents at the school gate. They all seem to be totally relaxed...Read More »

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