Life Skills for Children

Help your children grow into responsible, independent adults with a CANDo attitude with these practical tips and whoop-ass CANDoables for teaching them essential everyday life skills.

We spend years learning how to become typists, computer programmers, doctors, lawyers or engineers and yet few people put in the effort to study how to be a good parent: it’s all hands on, learning on the job (and making some terrible mistakes along the way).

Being a parent is a job that is as, if not more, important than being a doctor, office worker, cleaner or shop manager. Children are “Adults in Training” and parents are their coaches but, because no-one is paying them for doing it, it’s not seen as a “job” and therefore, is demoted in importance.

Loving your kids isn’t enough.  Make sure you kit them out with life skills they’ll need to make a success of their lives when they’re the ones in control.

Age Appropriate Consequences and Rewards for 14-17 Year Olds

By now those pubescent hormones should be well and truly raging!

Nothing is fair; nobody understands them; and no one’s life is in any way more trying and unfair than their’s is.

It’s during this period of puberty that setting consequences and following through on them becomes even harder for parents.

Gone are...Read More »

Age Appropriate Consequences and Rewards 10-13 Year Olds

The most difficult thing about being a parent is having to say “No” or sit back and watch as our little darlings/terrors experience the consequences of their actions or inactions.

Experiencing for themselves both the negative consequences and positive rewards that result from their behaviour, is the only way “adults in...Read More »

Age Appropriate Consequences for 5-9 Year Olds

The cold wetness seeped through the thin cotton of the clean socks Jen had pulled on only moments before. Screwing her face up, she let her head fall back and from between flattened lips hissed a tirade of unprintable words. That little sod has done it again, she thought to...Read More »

How to Raise Kids with CANDo Attitude

I don’t know about you, but I really hope my kids grow up with the kind of kick-ass CANDo attitude that will help them go-get the life they want when they become adults. Whether they do end up CANDo go-getters will be down largely to me:

1) making sure they grow...Read More »

Teaching your Kids Skills for Living

Parents these days are apt to shove the responsibility for teaching their children essential life skills onto the schools.  This attitude is causing a huge gap in their education meaning too many children are growing up unable to function as responsible and effective adults.

We need to get in touch with...Read More »

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