Set a Good Example – Walking the Talk

One of the biggest ways children learn is through observation and mimicking the behaviour they witness.

You can lecture and teach if you have the energy but, it’s your actions that they will remember and emulate. You may nag them when they grumble about having to tidy their room and yet, you grumble on a Monday morning about work or when you need to tidy up. You tell them smoking is bad for them and yet, they see you or someone else they love and admire puffing away! Go figure.

Walking the Talk is about BEING HONEST with yourself. You’re expecting quite a lot from your “little Johnny”. You want him to:

  • be considerate
  • have a good work ethic at school
  • help people
  • be confident and have a healthy self-esteem
  • exercise self-discipline
  • take responsibility
  • eat sensibly
  • blah… blah… blah…
But here’s the honest question: Are you doing all of this too?
  • Do you strive to always be considerate?
  • Do you have a good work ethic and approach your “chores” positively, be it housework or your job or do you grumble and talk about it negatively?
  • Do you help people (or even each other in the family)?
  • Are you self-disciplined?
  • Do you eat sensibly or stop off at a burger joint a few times a week?
  • Do you take responsibility for your own actions or “blame” others?

Here’s a kick-ass call to action for you. It’s aimed at showing you whether you’re really “walking the talk”. Take a look at your work ethic – is it good or in need of sprucing up a little?

Click Here and it’ll take you through to our Walking the Talk Exercise. The results just might give you a wake-up call.

If you’ve got a CANDo attitude and challenged yourself to the Walking the Talk Exercise, let us know how you got on with a CANDO email.


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