Mama I’m Learning to Make Cup-Cakes

Next time you and your kids are up to mischief together and you are slowly (or maybe rather rapidly) frazzling, please, please, please remember reading this golden nugget. My only wish is that I could remember where I read it as I’d love to give credit it for it. Unfortunately, its origin is lost to me.

Mum was making cup-cakes with her young daughter and getting in a bit of a tizz. An avalanche of flour was rapidly dusting every nook and cranny. Eggs were getting broken. Paper cake cases were getting ripped and crumbled. Every other minute, Mum was (a little irritably by now) calling out “careful with the eggs”, “that’s too much sugar”, “you’re getting flour everywhere”, “you’re making such a MESS”. As a last straw, darling daughter knocked over the milk in her excitement to reach for and examine, yet again, the pretty pink sprinkles that would later adorn her culinary offering. Mum finally flipped and shouted “For Goodness Sake. What are you doing?

With huge innocent eyes and an endearing grin, darling daughter looked up and said, “Mummy, I’m learning to make cup-cakes – just like Pinkalicious“.

At that moment, Mum was struck by her words and almost crumbled as realisation dawned.


That one simple word said it all. She couldn’t expect her young child to make cup-cakes with the practised ease of an adult; all tidily with no spills or breakages. She was after all ONLY LEARNING. The mum, almost tearfully, gave her a very floury hug and the rest of the cup-caking session was considerably less stressful.

So here comes the “Tip”.

It’s important for us all to remember with kids that they are just LEARNING. You wouldn’t expect to be able to get into a car and just drive perfectly first time; you need lessons. You wouldn’t get off a plane in some exotic land and suddenly be able to speak the language perfectly and understand all the acceptable behaviours and customs. Everything needs to be learned even by us so why expect anything less from our children.

One of the most important gifts you can give your children is your patience while they learn everyday life skills. They’ll reward you for it when they’re adults.


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