Life Skills for Children A-Z – X is for Xtra Curricular Activitites

Children shouldn’t stop learning when they come home from school. Many however, do. Technology has all but killed participation in extra curricular activities for children. They now walk straight out of school only to spend hours glued to their mobile, computer or the latest video games.

As parents, we need to remind ourselves of the value and benefits to be had from what is fast becoming a lost art. While there’s a time and a place for computer-based entertainment, after school activities outside of the home are critical to the development of all children. When combined with other life skills such as healthy eating, extra curricula activities can make the difference between a fit and healthy child and a fat and lethargic one.

Exactly how do children benefit from after-school activities?

Keep Fit

By participating in sports and outdoor activities, children get good exercise and learn life-long habits for leading an active life.

Fuel for Creative Minds

Many extra curricula activities produce opportunities for creativity and problem-solving. The best of all are those that allow children to follow their interests and natural curiosity.

Relief from any School Stress

By giving them chance to let off steam, wind down and relax, many after school activities are ideal for relieving any built up stress positively.


Extra curricula activities give children the chance to learn new things, spread their wings, learn how to interact with others, learn social behaviour and have success with independently of their parents. This all helps them develop a healthy self-esteem and become more self-confident.

Build Team Skills

Activities that make them part of a team such as sports, enable children to learn how to work with others to achieve common goals.

Xtra curricula activities can be fun and entertaining. They can help your child learn important life-skills and equip them for life as well-balanced adults.

Get your kids out living life and not just watching others living theirs on the TV, internet and with computer games.

What extra curricula activities do your tribe get up to and what do you feel their learning from it? Send us a CANDo email.

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