Get Kids Out

[quote float=”right”]”Let Kids Get Muddy!” [/quote] [quote float=”right”]”Let Kids Climb Trees!”[/quote]

These are just a few of the things many a grandparent is shouting at us – albeit silently.

It has to be with great sadness, that grandparents these days watch as young children spend hours and hours sat either in front of a television, on a computer playing with their XBox or SMSing with their latest fashion statement mobile.

When are they climbing trees, exploring fields, woods and nature, learning about life at its basic level? Sadly, too many don’t ever do it. The nearest many children these days get to a tree is a nature programme on TV (if you can wrestle the remote control away from them to switch off the totally unsuitable blood and guts horror film with a PG Rating of 18 they’re watching).

Take a stand. Kick them out in the garden. Find a local park. Better still, head out to the country and help them to experience some of the incredibly soothing effects communing with nature can have. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ve been missing.



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