Boots Vouchers for Parenting Classes

Three cheers for the trial initiative being funded by the UK’s Department of Education!

I read an article over the weekend about how they are planning on providing young parents with children under five with vouchers for “parenting classes” – the CANParent Scheme. I think this is a wonderful idea. Parents choose to attend anti-natal classes, etc. Every adult requires some form of education or training for their career, so why not for their career as parents.

Top marks for a top idea.

Parents will be able to collect vouchers for the parenting classes at some branches of Boots as of tomorrow.

Be brave! Being a parent is great but challenging. You’ll feel more confident about what you’re doing and it’ll reduce some of the stress involved if you’ve got some everyday life skill advice about it under your belt..

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  1. Celi May 18, 2012 at 12:50 am #

    Thanks for helping.

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