Practical Uses for Salt

It’s one of the staples in every kitchen cupboard and we’ve been making practical use of its amazing properties for centuries so today, let’s take a look at practical, CANDoables with salt.


  1. Splat went the egg on the floor!  Irritating enough by itself but then it’s all slippery and slimy to clean up afterwards too!  Simply sprinkle a little salt on the mess, leave for 15-20 minutes and it’ll be a heck of a lot easier to clean up.
  2. Oven cleaner – you know the drill, you’ve cooked a delicious meal and it’s bubbled over onto the bottom on the oven – arhhh… the smell alone!  Sprinkle a little salt on top to ward of the smell and smoke and then wipe clean when the oven’s cooled.
  3. Whip eggs whites and cream faster by adding a mere pinch of salt.
  4. Kill grass and weeds growing on your patio/driveway by sprinkling salt on and then pouring boiling hot water over it.
  5. Clean a tea or coffee stained cup by rubbing it with salt.
  6. Kill unwanted soap suds in the bath, sink or from an errant washing machine by sprinkling salt on top.
  7. Clean artificial flowers by placing them in a plastic bag with 200 grams of salt (or more if it’s a big bunch).  Have a good old shake and take a look at the colour of the salt – eww!
  8. Keep window frost at bay by dipping a cloth in salted water and wiping it on the windows (including car windscreens!)
  9. Leave cut potatoes and apples in lightly salted water to stop them going brown.

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