Practical Uses for an Old Toothbrush

I bet you throw your old toothbrushes away; I know I used to. I’ve discovered a million things you CANDo with them though. Below are practical, CANDoable tips that will give your old brush a new lease of life.


  1. Clean around and between the keys on your (unplugged) keyboard.
  2. Clean those awkward to reach spots around your kitchen and bathroom faucets.
  3. Spot clean marks on painted walls, upholstery, carpets and rugs (very, very, very carefully!)
  4. Clean grotty tile grouting in the kitchen or bathroom.
  5. Clean around light fittings (electrical supply off first please).
  6. Cleaning the gunky black crap from those niggling corners of the windows.
  7. Polishing your family silver – if you haven’t hocked it all!
  8. Cleaning dog crap from trainers and shoes with deep ridges.
  9. Clean the threads of reusable jars, kid’s water bottles, flasks, et al.
  10. Clean your cheese grater.
  11. Cleaning between the teeth and brushes of hair combs and hair brushes.
  12. Clean toothbrushes can come to the rescue when your mascara clumps.

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