Home Life Skills

Make time in your life by getting your home life skills in order. Whether it’s learning how to get the washing or the ironing done properly in record time or keeping your cooking healthy, here’s the place you will find top tips and great CANDoable Activities.

Think We're Making Progress on Saving the Environment?

A kick-ass CANDoer of ours on Facebook posted this recently. It highlights so many “good” life skills that have been swept aside by “progress”, I felt compelled to post it on the site.

“While paying at the checkout, a young cashier suggested to an older woman,...Read More »

6 Tipity-Top Tips for Reducing your Shopping Bill

Shopping for weekly food, drinks and necessities cuts into most families’ budgets.

As prices go up and the choices are even more varied, the money just doesn’t seem to go as far as it used to. “Shall I have that or that? Oh I’ll have both!” Supermarkets also vary radically in...Read More »

Domestic Bliss in the Care Label Guide to Improving your Love Life

To say that times have changed is a total understatement when you take a look at the family unit today – it’s unrecognisable.

BEFOREWomen traditionally stayed at home. They were nothing short of 100% domestic goddesses. Cooking, cleaning, organising the family life and raising the children. Men...Read More »

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