Home Life Skills

Make time in your life by getting your home life skills in order. Whether it’s learning how to get the washing or the ironing done properly in record time or keeping your cooking healthy, here’s the place you will find top tips and great CANDoable Activities.

Practical Uses for an Old Toothbrush

I bet you throw your old toothbrushes away; I know I used to. I’ve discovered a million things you CANDo with them though. Below are practical, CANDoable tips that will give your old brush a new lease of life.


  1. Clean around and between the keys on your (unplugged) keyboard.
  2. Clean those...Read More »

Practical Uses for Salt

It’s one of the staples in every kitchen cupboard and we’ve been making practical use of its amazing properties for centuries so today, let’s take a look at practical, CANDoables with salt.


  1. Splat went the egg on the floor!  Irritating enough by itself but then it’s all slippery and...Read More »

Practical Uses for a Lemon

They’re so versatile, there really is no excuse for not having them on your shopping list.

Bursting with citric acid, the juice of lemons has a low pH, great natural antibacterial properties and is a perfect natural whitener, making it top of the natural cleaners.   As part of our Practical...Read More »

Practical Uses for Coca-Cola

Run out of toilet cleaner?

Feeling sick and in need of an antidote?

How about descaling your kettle?

Have a coke break, minus the gorgeous hunk that went with it in the diet-coke adverts of course (unless you’re lucky enough to have that kind of a partner!!). ...Read More »

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