Healthy Life Skills

We only get one of body and it’s up to us to work out the best way to take care of it. Too many people today abuse their body by avoiding exercise, shovelling in convenient but unhealthy food or embarking on faddy crash diets. They then proceed to expect doctors to pick up the pieces (and complain bitterly when they can’t).


On these pages you’ll find practical ideas, hints and tips to help you keep fit, eat well and look great.  And before you persuade yourself you haven’t got the time and switch to another page, take note: often it’s not time we lack, it’s willpower and self-discipline.

Kick Your Healthy Eating Life Skills in the Butt - Part 1

When we came back from holiday last year, we were looking through some of the snaps and hubby and I both caught sight of some “rear” views. Now they say that it takes an unflattering photo from the rear to make some women start a diet or hit the gym...Read More »

Getting Active and Moving More

I recently wrote an article in the CANDo Life Skills for Children section about how modern society’s increasingly sedentary life style is affecting our children. In reality, we have to face the fact that it’s not just the children. Adults too are suffering from obesity and health problems as a...Read More »

Food Facts Your Self-Discipline is Hiding From You

The food you put into your body affects you everyday of your life not just now but in the future. It contributes to you feeling grumpy, how your body stores fat, whether you crave and what you crave, whether you can concentrate, whether you feel tired or full of energy.

It’s...Read More »

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