Healthy Life Skills

We only get one of body and it’s up to us to work out the best way to take care of it. Too many people today abuse their body by avoiding exercise, shovelling in convenient but unhealthy food or embarking on faddy crash diets. They then proceed to expect doctors to pick up the pieces (and complain bitterly when they can’t).


On these pages you’ll find practical ideas, hints and tips to help you keep fit, eat well and look great.  And before you persuade yourself you haven’t got the time and switch to another page, take note: often it’s not time we lack, it’s willpower and self-discipline.

Keep Temptation Under Control Around Food

The hand is way up here because I’m one of the first to admit that improving my eating habits and generally living a healthier lifestyle ain’t easy.

Before I was blessed with a family, my weight seemed to take care of itself naturally. Food rarely entered my mind until my stomach...Read More »

The Benefits of Having Sex

Okay,  I know I’m pushing the limits of what could credibly be referred to as a “Life Skill” here but, frivolity certainly deserves to have its moment in the limelight from time to time.

There are certain studies out there that suggest better loving is linked to better LIVING: People with...Read More »

Crash Diets and Healthy Life Skills

No matter  how much you wish your sweet-ass that a crash diet will work or some faddy eating system will have the ability produce miracles, they generally don’t.

They don’t work because they’re just not designed to become a part of life for the long haul and invariably “lack” something –...Read More »

Kick Your Healthy Eating Skills in the Butt - Part 2

What we put into our bodies impacts on our lives in incredible ways. It effects behaviour, energy levels, physical fitness, confidence, self-image. It really is astounding. Take a moment and remind yourself of a few Food Facts that you’ve probably forgotten (or your self-discipline has stolen and hidden...Read More »

Everyday Life Skills - Disciplining your Self-Discipline

Have you noticed a few things slipping here and there of late? Maybe you’ve put on a bit of weight, you’re staying up too late and getting overtired, missed a few of your gym sessions or you’re getting a bit behind with work or household activities?

It could well be time...Read More »

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