Everyday Life Skills – Disciplining your Self-Discipline

Have you noticed a few things slipping here and there of late? Maybe you’ve put on a bit of weight, you’re staying up too late and getting overtired, missed a few of your gym sessions or you’re getting a bit behind with work or household activities?

It could well be time to ask yourself whether your self-discipline is pulling it’s weight.

Sometimes, when we’re struggling with being overweight, not getting enough exercise, work, housework or the kids are getting on top of us, the problem isn’t with any of these things, it’s with that wily beast self-discipline.

Self-discipline is a sneaky rascal. He’ll pretend he’s doing his bit but then nips out for a fag just when you need him most, i.e., that moment when you’re trying to resist the second slice of chocolate fudge cake or you need to leave to be somewhere.

And, when you try and chastise him, well… self-discipline most certainly doesn’t like to be disciplined. He stands their all vulnerable, looking up at you with pleading, doe-eyes – I’m sorry, it’s just so hard. Just this once. Next time I’ll do it… I promise.

What do you do? Give in of course. You don’t put the washing on, finish the report for your boss, say no to the request for more TV Mummy or resist the lure of the chocolate fudge cake (oh go on then, I’ll forgive you that last one – you’re only human after all!)

Well, the fact of the matter is, you have to be hard and toughen self-discipline up, do some self-discipline training by strengthening your mind. If self-discipline doesn’t get his act together and pull his weight, you’re going to find it hard to achieve many of the things you want in life. Luckily, there are things you can do:

Have a Word

Pull yourself up when you can’t be assed to do something and have a serious talk to yourself about your goals, the example your setting, etc.

Make a Start

Sometimes it’s the starting out that’s the problem. Once you’re on the road, you just need to keep going and it’s usually never as bad as you imagine it’s going to be once you get started.

Just Keep Going

Be persistent. Force yourself to take just that one more step each time and you will get you results.

Take It Step by Step

Break down into mini-steps whatever it is your self-discipline is letting you down with. Then achieve each step one at a time. This will give you a sense of achievement and progress that makes subsequent steps easier to start.

Fake It Until You Make It

This basically means force yourself to do something and believe in it. It will soon become a reality.

Motivate Self-Discipline

Keep self-discipline motivated by rewarding him when he does pull his weight. Get that new dress, boy-gadget, (small slice of chocolate fudge cake) when you’ve really achieved.

What do you do when your self-discipline’s packed its bag and gone off on a six month cruise? Drop us a CANDo email or leave a comment about how you cope.

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