You Can’t Please Everyone

When you start making changes in your life, whether it’s stoking the fire under CANDo Attitude’s butt, persuading your Self-Discipline to start pulling his/her weight, pushing your Self-Confidence to the limit to try new things, getting your internal Sergeant Major to organise you or your family or rearrange your time to make more time, etc., it’s  important to remember that you can’t please everyone all of the time.

If you try to keep everyone happy, you’re going to end up frustrated.

You’re going to upset someone somewhere and then the real danger looms that you’ll ultimately end up giving up on whatever it was you were trying to change for the better.

So what do you do?

Accept people’s decision to be unhappy. Accept it and LET IT GO.

Work to keep the right people in your life happy so you CANDo what you need to do and let go of the “unhappiness” of the rest.

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