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Brag Alert: I’m proud to have been invited to be a guest writer on Det Nilam’s site Useful Habits HQ. Det’s asked me to write on some of the useful habits out there for us women whether they’re for building confidence or just making our lives better places to live. Below are links to the articles I’ve posted under Woman on a Mission so far,. You might just find them well, useful!!

Habits that Help Your Kids Grow

Loads of kids these days are lacking in social skills or aggressive,negative in their outlook, obese or suffering from conditions such asdiabetes Type 2, all of which can all too often be attributed to lifestyle, lack of good examples and poor diet.

Confession Time

I’ve been so busy the last few days that I’ve had no time to even think about introducing any new habits so I’m hoping that you’ll be content with a quick round-up of the ones I’ve adopted so far and some feedback on how they’re going…continued.

Wobbly Worries and the Family Sports Hour

Isn’t it amazing how when you start to change habits in one or two areas of your life, you notice how crap you are in more than a few others? Relevation struck for me when I was trying on some new, feminine underwear as a result of…continued.

Gagging My Inner Negative Voice

My negative inner voice! Now before you run off screaming I’m schizophrenic and that I’ve lost the little bit of sense you thought I actually might have, please hear me out because there is some sense to be had in all these mad rantings…continued.

The Art of Being a Women

Following my last blog about Charla’s incredible 365 Nights, you may be asking yourself whether I got lucky or not. All I can say is “go form a similar habit yourself and see what…continued.

Woman on a Mission: Sex Dates

Okay, at the end of my last log I promised you I was going to talk about a women called Charla and what she did that made me wince, laugh and gulp at my own sadly dwindling sex-life all at once so, here goes…continued.

Woman on a Mission

My Mission (if I can be arsed to accept it): to seek out and explore new (and old) habits to make my life a better place to live.

I don’t mind admitting that my head has gone a bit haywire of late.  I’m wife, mum, sister, daughter, aunt, chief cook and bottle-washer, toilet cleaner, laundry-maid, sex-goddess, teacher, playmate, bedtime story-reader – oh and….continued

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