Tips on How to be More Confident

  • Smile – It costs nothing but totally affects peoples’ reactions towards you and will also affect your own mood.
  • Direct Eye Contact is Okay – It’s actually okay to look people in the eye. The days when young women had to let their gaze fall meekly to the floor are long gone. Look up. Look people in the eye and be you.
  • Accept Yourself – Accept what and who you are. If you don’t like something, i.e., your weight, hair colour or style, clothes, etc, you have the power to change it/them.
  • Practice Positive Affirmations – Ever noticed that if you buy a fluffy pink top suddenly everyone’s wearing a fluffy pink top? Well, it’s the same with positive affirmations. The more positive thoughts, actions and things you inject into your life, or head, the more positive things you’ll begin to notice around you and in your life.
  • Practice Visualisation –  Think visually about what you want, break it down into steps for how you can get there, then visualise yourself taking each step and achieving things. Once you’ve done it in your head, you’ll find you are less fearful and more positive about doing it in real life.
  • Gag your Inner Negative Voice – We’ve all got a negative inner voice that screams and throws tantrums about why we can’t do things or achieve what we want. Try and gag your inner voice!
  • Decide to Change – It is in your power to change many aspects of your life that you don’t like. Make the decision to change them one by one, step by step and introduce new everyday life habits.
  • JUST DO IT! – I love this saying.It’s all too easy to say “tomorrow I’ll do that”, “tomorrow I’ll start that diet” or “tomorrow I’ll go swimming or to that new sports club”, or even “tomorrow I’ll say hello to that guy in the office next door I like”. DO IT NOW because tomorrow has a terrible habit of always remaining tomorrow.

“Just do It!” Action – Write down 4 actions for “small” things you’d like to achieve in the next 7 days and then… JUST DO IT!


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  1. Bete May 14, 2012 at 5:30 pm #

    Thanks for sharing. Awesome.

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