The Key to Resisting Temptation

Can you resist temptation or do you wish you were a little stronger-willed?

Ahhh, Temptation. That silver-tongued little Inner Imp that makes all the naughty things in life sounds so hmm hmmmmm good!

If Temptation has managed to get a little too much control over “Team You”, then maybe you need to start going about things a little differently.

If resistance is a futile endeavour for you, then it’s futile to resist because sometimes, the key to resisting Temptation is not to.

Where’s the good to be found in depriving yourself. If you want a little chocolate, some french fries, to buy a few little luxuries or indulge in a lazy afternoon film fest, don’t deny yourself. It maybe that the deprivation is what’s making your Inner Imps crave things even more.

Instead of depriving yourself, work with your Inner Imp Self-Discipline on moderating everything.

Deprivation buggers up all our good intentions for moderation and leads to binging and we’re not just talking food here, we’re talking about all life’s little pleasures. Eat healthily most of the time and stick to portion control when Temptation has you reaching for something Judgement tells you isn’t good for you. Stay up late from time to time, but stick to an early night routine most of the time.

A little of what you fancy is okay provided Self-Discipline has any over-exuberance tempered and has you exercising moderation in all things and not over-doing it.

By allowing yourself the freedom to indulge in life’s little pleasures, you’ll be more inclined to stick to the healthy stuff the rest of the time.

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