The Importance of Self-Discipline in Life

Have you every looked at someone that:

  • plays a musical instrument well,
  • picks up foreign languages with ease,
  • excels at a particular sport,
  • passes examinations or achieves straight A’s without needing to study, or
  • is rapidly working their way up the career ladder by always seeming to be in the right place at the right time,

and thought to yourself “lucky bxxxxxd”?

I know I have.

Luckily perhaps, what I realised quite early on in life, is that luck doesn’t actually have a whole heap to do with it.

Being “gifted” in any way doesn’t necessarily mean “given” a superior ability. Gifted or “lucky” is something we all have the ability to be.

Yes, natural talent does exist but unless it comes with an equally gifted, kick-ass Inner Imp Self-Discipline and CANDo Attitude, dreams will rarely be realised.

What is more, provided you aren’t completely unsuited for what you are aiming to achieve, a well-developed Inner Self-Discipline Imp has the ability to overcome a lack of natural talent.

A strong Self-Discipline Imp makes an average person exceptional in the same way that a weak Self-Discipline Imp can make an exceptional person average.

Whereas a weak Self-Discipline Imp prevents anyone, average or exceptional, from achieving their true potential.

Self-Discipline is the real, unseen genius that others don’t perceive when they see success. Yes, talent, luck, divine intervention or some other external force (possibly magical) can have a role to play but without Self-Discipline riding that external force hard to the finish line you can forget it.

Self-Discipline is the magic formula that gives you the ability to reshape:

  • unsuccessful into successful,
  • fat into slim,
  • unhealthy into healthy,
  • flabby into firm,
  • poor into rich,
  • unhappy into happy,
  • non-achiever into achiever,
  • dreams into reality.

It is easy to sit back and look on bitterly at the success of those around you lamenting the fact that “luck” never shined on you the way it obviously shines on them.

Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be. ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Realise that “luck” has surprisingly little to do with it. What these people possess is the ability to tap into their Inner Imp Self-Discipline.

Realise that YOU also have that ability too.

If you’d like to know how, it’s all brought together in my latest book in the Inner Imp Thinking Series, Master Self-Discipline, which is packed with CANDoable Activities designed to help you start to tame your Inner Self-Discipline Imp and turn some of your wishes into reality.

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