Team You and your Inner Imps – Part 2 The Main Players

The list of Inner Imps that make up “Team You” is huge-ola and if they all got together at the same time, you’d have one heck of a party going on in your head and end up a complete mess-o-stress.

The influence of Inner Imps waxes and wains at different points in our lives and in different situations, but for the most part there’s a core group in the pack that can create the most success or chaos for “Team You”.

Self-Discipline – helps you do all things in moderation whether it’s physical or mental. Moderation in speaking, eating, exercising, taking-risks, goal-setting you name it and Self-Discipline needs to be there to moderate your choices and actions. The trouble is this guy is a bit, dare we say it… undisciplined. He has very little work-ethic, takes regular holidays and, even when he does turn up for work, he’ll nip out for a smoke, snack or some fresh air just when you need him the most.

Doubt – is VERY sceptical. He’ll try and convince you not to try new things, set goals for yourself or change any habits because he thinks you’ll fail/get turned down/fall/get laughed at/it’ll rain, etc., etc. He’s not all bad though; in his heart of hearts he just wants to protect you, but often ends up making you miss out on a lot of things.

Fear – is an imp that’s wild. Left unchecked, he’ll weave his way into every conceivable nook and cranny of your thoughts. He needs to be listened to, but with a firm hand and never a faint heart.

Laziness – is just plain ol’ lazy. Whenever “must-dos” or “could-dos” loom Laziness will be there with a million excuses as to why you don’t need to them. Sleeping, watching TV, calling in sick, doing it tomorrow (or not!) are all by far the best options in his/her opinion.

Courage – is great! He’ll get you out there living life, setting goals, pushing yourself further and generally going for things big time. The trouble is he’s prone to extremes. One minute he’ll have you convinced you’d survive if you jumped off that cliff like your “friends” – and we use that term mega-loosely” – the next he could be a cowardly lion just like in the Wizard of Oz. If you don’t keep his muscles pumping, he’s quite liable to bow down to peer pressure if Fear, Temptation or Doubt gang up on him.

Temptation – is a silver-tongued devil. He’s ultra-persuasive. Able to convince you just about anything will be acceptable “just this once”. He’s a talker and when he calls on Persistence to be his wing-man he can justify almost anything.

Reasoning – likes to play devil’s advocate. He’ll run scenario after scenario past you. He’s a great guy to have on “Team You” and often comes up with sound and logical suggestions. The downside is he tends to like the sound of his own voice. He’ll often come up with so many “reasons” he’ll leave you confused. He’s also susceptible to the influences of Doubt and Fear and, on occasion, the three will keep badgering you until you make the wrong choice about something.

Should-do, Could-do and Would-do – are younger cousins of Self-Discipline and are also more than happy to add in their two-penneth to tip the balance if it looks like you’re wavering on something. Remorse or a lame excuses are their usual modus operandi.

Positive Thinking – always see’s the up side of things, but suffers from a bad rap. All the other Inner Imps think he’s full of mystic, voodoo crap and have a good laugh at his expense. Luckily, Positive Thinking is incredibly thick skinned and offers huge potential for influencing the thoughts and actions of “Team You” in the best possible way.

CANDo – is a guy you really want on your team, he’s a relative of Positive Thinking. Just like Positive Thinking, he always looks on the bright side and has commitment. A go-getting kinda guy that likes to think just about anything is possible if “Team You” puts in the effort. He’s a bit light on muscle at first, but if you start off giving him a few small weights to heft around; the odd habit change here, small goal there, he’ll start to build up strength. As he gets stronger, he’ll win more and more control and really be up for tackling bigger things.

Zest/Joie de Vivre – is SO much fun. He wants you to have a great time, encourages you to play, tell jokes, laugh, muck-about. Everyone needs him to keep life worth living. The trouble is he’s not interested in anything else. He doesn’t care that you still need to get your work done, prepare that report, get to bed on time or you’ll be tired. If Zest catches you in the mood and Self-Discipline’s taking forty winks you’ll be partying non-stop and “must-dos” will end up as “should-a-dones”.

Honesty – is one of the good guys on the team, but he’s a bit weak-kneed when he stands alone. He really relies on a few friends to make the best contribution to “Team You”, namely Courage and Reasoning.

Diplomacy – is a fair weather friend of the highest order. He’s an imp that will have you convinced he’s playing for “Team You” and often seems to be on your side but then… when you least expect it, Diplomacy will throw a curve ball and desert you when you need him most.

Autonomy – is relentless. Once you’ve developed any habits and routines – be they good or bad – this guy takes them under his wing like little protégés and just keeps them going and going and going; round and round like a hamster on a wheel. He’s stubborn and very protective which make him incredibly reluctant to let go of anyone under his wing, so be sure that your routines and habits are good ones – you’ll have the devil’s own job trying to get him to swop any one of them for something different.

As we said before, this list is by no means exhaustive.

Each and every one of these Inner Imps has a piece of advice to give you, a role to play in “Team You’s” progress in life.

BUT! – yep, you can bet your sweet butt there’s another of those famous butties…

Unless you understand fully the strengths and weakness of each of them, you’re going to end up a mass of confusion making wrong moves at every turn.

Each of your Inner Imps has both a positive and negative influence on “Team You”. You wouldn’t want to be without any one of them but you need to stay on the ball and learn how to keep the lil’ blighters under control.

As with any team, you need to get to know “The Players”.

You need to get to grips with who are “the movers”, “the shakers”, “the slackers” and “the fakers”.

If you get to know them you can start moulding them into good team players that understand the overall strategy. By strengthening some of them up, and then granting them executive powers over some of the other Imps, you can help to stop them running around wildly and sabotaging your life. You also need to be aware which of the Inner Imps on “Team You” are likely to throw the game at the first opportunity and develop strategies for keeping them on track.

This is often easier said than done. More will be following on Inner Imps and how to get them under control. Keep yourself posted by subscribing to the CANDo Get-Up and Go-Go Newsletter or following us on Facebook and/or Twitter.


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