Team You and Your Inner Imps – Part 1

YOU, along with everyone else on the planet, have “Inner Imps” – a conscience, inner voice, feelings, guides, however you like refer to them personally feel free to take your pick.

“Team You” is made up of you and all these Inner Imps. They live, perhaps unsurprisingly, inside of you and they are opinionated with a CAPITAL “O”.

These guys can, and often do, wreak absolute havoc and it’s their influence and power that is one of the things that determines how you behave and how well you get on in life.

“Are you a motivated sort of person?”

“Do you blame others for things you don’t have that you’d like?”

“Are you fit and healthy?”

“Have you got a job you enjoy?”

“Are you a CANDo-er or a CAN’T-be-assed-er?”

All these things are affected by your Inner Imps.

Inner Imps are like a pack of mischievous urchins. Some are hellions while others are cherubs that simply follow the pack. All of them are important and have their uses. The key is learning how to get the most out of them to make “Team You” a success.

A myriad of Inner Imps make up “Team You” and they have names, things like “Self-Discipline”, “Doubt”, “Fear”, “Laziness”, “Temptation”, “Honesty” and “Courage” to name but a few.

Each of these guys will step up to the plate to direct and coach (or not) “Team You” as and when they feel like it. Unchecked, they are liable to cause so much confusion and negativity it would be easy to think they’re actually playing for somebody else’s team.


Because the thoughts, emotions – and ultimately actions – they provoke are often SO not what’s best for “Team You” as a whole.

These pesky whelps usually have something to say on just about every occasion.

Whether you’re looking to learn something new, change a habit or push yourself to do something you’re afraid of (or maybe just verges on the strenuous), your Inner Imps are there urging you on with a tempting:

“Go on! You know you want to.”


“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, it’ll be difficult and you’ll probably fail/get sacked/fall/hurt yourself/get laughed at.”

All too familiar isn’t it?

Each of your Inner Imps honestly believes they know best. They want to help you do the things they want to do or protect you from the things they’re afraid of. The trouble with this is that some of these little tykes are way too boisterous, loud and keen to be the boss. These guys often end up intimidating some of your more impressionable Imps leaving them cowering in various corners, not prepared to fight the battles they ought to be fighting.

Inner Imps will also form alliances to get what they want to; work together to gang up on you to get their own way. “Doubt” will plant seeds of, well… doubt. Those seeds will rapidly grow and quickly spike “Fear” up the bum.

Others quite frankly are downright lazy and refuse to pull their weight. These guys end up slacking on the job of keeping “Team You” on the road you want – or ought – to be following, leaving you up the proverbial without so much as a matchstick let alone a paddle.

Getting to know these Inner Imps is one of the first steps towards transforming “Team You” into a CANDo get-up and go-getter.

If you want to know more, Team You and your Inner Imps – Part 2 will be following shortly – stay tuned.

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