4 Reason to Cut Negative People Out of Your Life

Cutting someone from your life is a decision that no-one takes easily however it’s something we should all consider from time to time for the good of ourselves and our happiness in life.
When I talk about toxic people, I mean the people who drag us down with their criticism, negative attitudes, frustrations about themselves or their personal circumstances, continual woe-is-me responses to your cheerful “how’s things”, belittling comments and general misuse of you, your time and energies all of which is aimed at dragging you down to their level. We all have people like this in our lives to a greater or lesser degree, the key to happiness and positivity however, is to keep these people to a minimum.Obviously the first step is to try and pull these people up so that they become more positive, happier and engaging people to be around however, this isn’t always possible. If you have truly done everything you can to raise these people up but they continue to pull you under, then it may be time to consider whether the best thing for you to do is to “let go” of them.Why should you let go of the toxic people in your life?1. You’ll be happier. If you are no longer having to battle with constant criticism and negative attitudes, you will feel better, as though a weight had been lifted.2. There will be time and space for more positive people in your life. We tend to reflect the moods and attitudes of those around us therefore, if you can weed out the deadwood in your life that is causing you to criticise and complain, your increased happiness and positive will help you attract more positive, successful people into your life.3. You’ll be healthier. Over time, constant exposure to negative emotions such as critiscism and negative talk, can cause light depressions and other physical suffering such as headaches, frequent chills and other similiar everyday illnesses.4. Your Inner Imp Self-Esteem will receive a boost and you’ll start to achieve more. How many of your childhood dreams have you actually achieved, and which of the goals you’ve established for yourself in recent years have you achieved. Toxic people have a nasty habit of sabotaging our efforts when it comes to setting and achieving goals by telling you that you’re aiming to high, it will be too difficult or that you are simply not good enough. When you cut these negative naysayers and their negative energy from your life you will begin to realize you can do more than you thought possible. Your self-confidence will skyrocket because you no longer have people constantly bringing you down.

Leaving people behind by cutting them out of your life is never an easy choice however, if it can be done sensitively, it is the best chance you have in life of moving forward and carving out for yourself the positive, happy, successful life you deserve.

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