Make Every Day your First Day as a Parent

Everyday when you wake up, ask yourself a question.

“If there was one thing positive I could do for my child today; one thing that would have an impact on him/her for the rest of their life, what would that one thing be?”

It’s an amazing question to ask yourself.

It’s an even more amazing thing to actually achieve that one thing.

If you want to do something positive for your child, spend your days seeking out the answer.

  • Consciously look for opportunities to do positive things for or with them.
  • Create brilliant moments.
  • Notice and comment on positive actions.
  • Teach them by being a good example.
  • Love them for the small things they do that make them who they are.
  • Strengthen their strengths.
  • Don’t concentrate your all on eliminating their weakness, just make them bearable.
  • Encourage them to be the best they can, without pushing.

Do this everyday for your child and by the time they’re grown up and ready to fly the nest, you will have made a positive impact on them that will last them a lifetime.

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One Response to Make Every Day your First Day as a Parent

  1. Det Nilam September 25, 2012 at 8:59 am #

    Question leads to Answer, followed up by ACTION (Implementation).

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