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If they’re anything like mine, your Inner Imps probably keep up a daily ritual of constant mental flapping. Unfortunately, too much of the time, it’s negative crap coloured by Shoulda, Coulda and Woulda’s guilt over past experiences and actions or Fear and Doubt peddling some dodgy looking anxiety about the future.

This negativity constantly nibbles away at our Self-Esteem and CANDo Get-Up and Go-Go Attitude, devouring all the energy and motivation we have to reach for our goals in life.

If you want to achieve your goals, you need to get more control of the mental chatter and harness it’s power to inspire your CANDo Get-Up and Go-Go to take the actions you need to take to shape your life.

One thing that will contribute hugely to getting control, is to beef up Positive Thinking’s muscles. Here’s our CANDo how-to:

Tame your Self-Sabotaging Thoughts

Get the negative stuff under control. Take a moment and read through the recent article on Taming your Fifty Shades of Self-Sabotaging Thoughts for a few tips on how.

Quit with the “I Can’t”

All too often, one or more of our Inner Imps is standing at the microphone yelling “you can’t” which translates into “Team You” thinking “I Can’t”. When you hear yourself saying “I Can’t”, you’re automatically creating resistance and putting up a mental block that will prevent you from achieving what you want to.

Stop that thought.

If you catch yourself in an “I Can’t” moment, grab your Inner Imp CANDo and have him/her turn it around. Have CANDo interrogate your Inner Imps with a “Why Can’t I?” and then focus on what you CANDo. Instead of thinking “I can’t do this” or “I can’t do that” start thinking “I CANDo this” and “I CANDo that” and then taking action.

Use Positive Affirmations

Think about what you want to achieve and make positive statements in your head. Make them short, believable and focussed on what you’re trying to achieve. Repeating them over and over will subconsciously push you to make decisions that will bring you nearer to your goal.

One of the keys to making affirmations work is to really believe in them. So be sure to put real feeling into your words and then work it baby!

Replace Negatives with Positives

Negativity can be incredibly infectious. If you’re surrounded by friends and family members with negative mental states, that negativity will start seeping into you. Be alert to negativity in your life. If it’s coming from certain known people, limit your exposure to those people and avoid discussing your dreams and plans with them if they’re likely to be unsupportive.

Surround yourself with mentors and people that can share your vision and passion for the goals you want to achieve. They’ll give you the positive boost your Inner Imps CANDo and Self-Esteem need to get the job done.

Keep it Achievable

It may be that you find yourself total overwhelmed by the myriad of things you need to do to get where you want to be. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’ll probably end up caught up in a never ending stream of worry. Break things down into manageable steps and then take these steps one at a time. If you get stuck, take a moment and ask Positive Thinking and CANDo to give you a heads up on “What you CANDo” and then move forward.

Confront your Fears

Your Inner Imp Fear is often one of the main miscreants steering you away from success. He’ll work with Doubt to make “Team You” scared of taking chances and failing. Together, they’ll try and convince you that things are just fine how they are, even when they’re blatantly not.

Ask Courage to work together with Positive Thinking to analyse what you’re afraid off. Get hold of the facts and consider what’s the worst that can happen? Break down Fear and Doubt’s objections and have Positive Thinking look at them positively and change them into CANDos and opposed to can’t dos.

Focus on Success

Sometimes we get caught up on the merry-go-round of what went wrong. Analysing things from this or that angle. Regurgitating things. Remind yourself that life is full of ups and downs and then make the decision to focus on the ups rather than the downs. If you can ruminate on the good stuff; the enjoyable stuff; the stuff you’ve already achieved, it’ll be easier to keep things positive.

Know that none of this is going to happen over night but, also know that Positive Thinking can be an incredibly powerful and influential member of “Team You”. It’ll take a bit of time and effort but grit your teeth and go with some of the above and Positive Thinking will soon have “Team You” whipped into shape and realising your potential.

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