How to Take Compliments

Do you feel uncomfortable accepting compliments?

Do they make you want to squirm, study your feet in great detail or simply giggle nervously while your brain frantically searches for something appropriate to say?

It’s amazing how many people feel uncomfortable when they receive a compliment as opposed to having it do its job – that of building up their self-esteem.

When I was younger, for me it was purely a question of never having learned how to accept a compliment properly. My thank you smiles tended to be awkward and there always seemed to be a question mark lurking with a smirk on it’s face in the tone of anything that actually managed to make its way out of my mouth intelligibly.

If you’re anything like I was, it may be that often times you find that crafty inner imp Doubt is hogging all the ear time:

“Oh yeah. This guy just wants something!”

“John can drive much better than you can.”


“You know they don’t actually mean it, they’re just trying to be nice.”

Slap that imp down!

Learning how to take a compliment is a small life skill, but one that could really help you to appreciate compliments when they are given.

Follow these few tips to put a pep in this life skill’s step and it will put Doubt quickly into place and give your shy little inner imp Self-Esteem the chance to shine.

  • Don’t listen to Doubt and start analysing where the compliment came from or whether it’s genuine. Doing this will rob Self-Esteem of any of the magic fairy-dust the compliment was meant to sprinkle. Accept the compliment at face value and STOP reading things into it that are very probably not there.
  • Don’t allow Doubt to make you disagree with the person that’s made the compliment and steal Self-Esteem’s fairy-dust.

All you need to do is:

  •  SMILE and say THANK YOU
  • Don’t feel the need to compliment the other person in return. If you want to say something other than thank you, keep it to a “That’s a really nice thing to say.” With that, they’ll end up feeling really good too.
  • Once you’ve done these things, simply carry on as if the compliment hadn’t happened.

Compliments are meant to boost your inner imp Self-Esteem’s moral and confidence. Learn how to accept any little beauties appropriately and you’ll be allowing them to work the magic they’re supposed to – that of boosting your self-esteem and making you feel worthy.

If you want to find out more about your inner imps and how they are supporting or sabotaging your life, check out Team You – Your Inner Imps Part 1 and The Main Players Part 2.

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