How to Stop Procrastinating and Get It Done Already!

Do you put things off that you should be getting done?

Does your daily To-Do List often end up a XXXX-I-Should-A-Done List?

If so, then you’re gonna lurvve this one.

We’re going tackle that little Inner Imp Procrastination today. Grab him by his ear and get him to own up to some of his really bad habits.

Everyone’s Inner Imp Procrastination needs the opportunity to indulge himself on occasion – it’s actually quite pleasant putting something tedious off in favour of something much more exciting NOW AND THEN!

Problems arise however, because every time Procrastination gets his way, he releases a magical feel-good drug into your system making procrastinating verrry addictive.

When Procrastination gets a little too big for his boots and has you habitually and consistently putting off life’s should-dos and must-dos, as opposed to occasionally procrastinating you’ve becoming a fully-fledged procrastinator – SO not a good thing.

There is however, good news to be found in every one of life’s little nasties if you care to look for it.

This habitual behaviour can be “unlearned” by shoving a little effervescence up the bum of some of your everyday life skills.

Here’s a really simple CANDo How-To.

1. Keep a To-Do List – Organisational and Planning Life Skills

This is one of the key tactics you’re gonna want to employ for wrestling Procrastination back in his place.

Each morning, write down a list of what to achieve today and add one of the things from your list of long term activities/goals to it.

Prioritise the to-dos and deal with the most important ones first, then the most unpleasant ones.

Be sure to keep your list realistic time-wise.

2. Just start already! – Self Discipline Life Skills

Easier said than done when your Inner Imps Laziness and Temptation are whispering sweet-nothings in your ear I know.

My trick? Use a little hocus-pocus reverse-psychology on the little blighters.

Don’t tell them you’re actually gonna do the whole job. Convince them that you’re just gonna do an itsy-bitsy little bit of it. 5 minutes or less. The key is to start. It’s the only thing that matters.


Because it is so much easier to just keep going.

Laziness has a huge magnifying glass that makes important or unpleasant tasks look 10 times the size they are in reality.

It’s amazing how quickly you can actually do those jobs you continually put off and the chances are, you’ll have it finished within that first 5 minutes. If not, impetus will have a much easier job of keeping you going than Self-Discipline has kicking your butt to get you started.

When the job’s done, you’ll get your own hit of feel-good magic – satisfaction! Satisfaction can be pretty additive too, it just takes a little longer to build up in the system.

If Laziness or Temptation start shouting at you, tell them to just hang on in there until you’ve finished and then you’ll listen to them. Put them off, ignore then, have Positive Thinking mollycoddle them for a short while just don’t give in to them.

3. Reduce Distractions – Communication Life Skills

Manage technological distractions such as mobile phones, the internet and email by limiting your access to them when you try to be productive. Stay on task.

4. Team up with a Non-Procrastinator – Teamworking Life Skills

This works great for me with my Main Man. We’ve discovered over the years that we procrastinate on different things. He’s not a procrastinator with the things I procrastinate on (dealing with official documents and tax returns, tidying the cellar) and where he procrastinates I don’t (analysis paralysis, technological distractions, etc). When we’ve got must-dos and unpleasant-to-dos we get the jobs done so much more effectively together because we help pull each other’s “Team” along.

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