How to Boost Confidence and Self Esteem

Boosting your Inner Imp Self Esteem is all about training the mind to think the right way – the positive, I CANDo-it kinda way.

Everyone is lucky enough to be given a healthy Self Esteem at birth.  When you were born, you had no fear about what the future held for you, failure just wasn’t an option – if it were, there’s no way you would have repeatedly got off your butt every time you fell on it when you were learning to walk.  Your goal wasn’t approval, you just saw those around you getting where they wanted to be by walking and decided that was for you too. You focussed on what you wanted, went for it and failed (read here fell on your butt), so you picked yourself up and tried again.  Lo and behold, after XXXX tries you got it and look at you now!  You don’t even think about the mechanics of walking, you don’t doubt your ability to do it, you are supremely confident in your ability to walk.

Sadly, as time passes, other people’s opinions become too important to usWe start to judge ourselves against how others look, what their job is, how much they earn, how good they are at small talk, how they behave, etc.  Our whole lives become a competition and, rather than just focussing on what we want and keeping on going for it until we feel we’ve achieved our goal, we compete with everyone and everything around us and all too often judge ourselves to be lacking in some way.

“I was happy with my B in class until I saw X getting more attention for an A.  I was happy with my beautiful new red shoes until I saw X’s redder, slightly higher shoes.  I began to feel bad about my B, I hadn’t been good enough to get an A and my shoes, well they were the shoes of a nobody.”

“My lovely new blue car was great, until the neighbour rolled up in his Porsche.  My beautiful jacket is indeed beautiful but it’s not Chanel, I’m not good enough to own designer labels.”

The point is, over time your previously healthy Self Esteem Inner Imp has learned to become unhealthy.  He was super healthy when you were born but then LEARNED to think of himself as not being worthy and to doubt his abilities, purely as a result of comparing himself to others or not receiving the approval he desperately to seek.

The good news is, that in the same was as your Self Esteem learned to become unhealthy, he can easily re-learn to be healthy, brush himself off and rediscover the CANDo get-up and keep go-going that you had as a young child.

The cure to boosting your confidence and getting your Inner Imp Self Esteem to believe in himself and Team You, is re-start to focus on what YOU want.  Forget about what someone else has, does or what you don’t want and set yourself achievable step-by-step plans that will  help you achieve the things you do.  Train your mind to think in the right way and your Inner Imp Self Esteem will begin to have more than enough belief in himself to make sure you keep heading in the right direction.

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