How to Become Irresistible

Do you wish you were more attractive?

Do you find yourself looking enviously at friends or strangers that seem to attract positive attention without even trying?

More importantly, would you like to be able to do that too?

Well, hello! It’s time to take a little look at YOU. What you’ve got, what you’ve not and what you darn well should have and CANDo about going out and getting? Let’s liven up your “keeping it attractive” life skills.

There are many ways you can go about becoming more attractive but let’s face it, most of us don’t have a great deal of spare cash for cosmetic surgery, designer labels or constant beauty treatments available. So, here at CANDo, we’ve come up with a bit of a practical CANDo how-to for every day people with every day bodies and features – as opposed to the photoshopped stuff you see in magazines… ooh get me being all bitchy!

Get Acquainted With Your Good Bits – yes you do have some, you just need to find them!

Armed with a mirror, take a good look at yourself.

Make a mental note of all the things you like about yourself be it your hair, eyes, skin or lack of hair protruding from your nose!!!

Whatever these positives are, acknowledge them, shake hands with them and learn to revere and make the most of them. Do this and you’ll be smoothing a layer of sparkly body glitter on your Inner Imp Self-Esteem and really boosting her confidence and THAT will show sub-consciously in your outward body language.

Get Comfortable With Your Not So Good Bits – yes you have some of those too!

You’ve got flaws, I’ve got flaws, let’s all scream hysterically because we’ve ALL got flaws.

Have your Inner Imps Honesty and Courage work hand in hand to point out the bits that might be letting “Team You” down. Is it your hair, skin, odour, size of your nose, wart on the side of your pointy chin, weight or your dirty finger nails and badly fitting clothes? Whatever these perceived baddies may be, jot them down. Why? Because your Inner Imp Doubt has probably blown them all out of proportion and they’re actually not anywhere near as bad as you think or you’ll actually be able to do something about some of them and redress any unbalance between the forces of good and evil.

Turn Your Mirror Inwards

Now turn your mirror inwards – metaphorically of course!

It may be that some of your best good bits or worst flaws are on the inside in the form of behaviour and qualities.

Are you a kind, caring person or do you spend much of your time gossiping, nagging or insulting? Are you a positive thinker with a CANDo get-up and go-go attitude or do you continually drag people down with negativity and wo-is-me-ness?

People are attracted to positivity, kindness, respect and compassion. If you make sure “Team You” is firing on all cylinders in these areas, people will be drawn to you.

Phone A Friend

Well, not phone exactly, more grab a friend physically and invite them around for an evening to discuss “Team You”.

What your aim is here is to get a second opinion. Sometimes our Inner Imps Self-Esteem and Doubt cloud our judgement. Having a really good friend provide their opinion (make sure it’s a good friend) can really help you narrow down your thoughts.

Have your friend bring their Inner Imps Courage and Honesty to the party with them so you can be sure you’re getting the real low-down and prepare to get personal.

You’ll feel mega-squirmy and uncomfortable at first saying what you like and don’t like about yourself but your Self-Esteem will really feel a boost if they agree on the good bits and Honesty’s input will really help you whip your flaws into shape (or camouflage them at the very least if necessary).

Armed with all the above – be sure to write it all down so as not to forget anything – come up with ideas and a plan for how you can make the most of the good bits and iron out some of your wrinkles.

Make Some Changes

Running through your list of flaws, you’ll probably find there are loads of improvements you can make whether it’s shoving a little effervescence up the bum of some of your flagging life skills such as listening and communications skills, training yourself to think positively, embarking on a more active social programme to improve confidence and socialising skills or disciplining your Self-Discipline.

For the physical, it may mean going on a diet or joining a gym to lose those extra pounds, adopting an healthier lifestyle, reviewing your hygiene, clearing out your wardrobe and having a friend help you put together a compact selection of outfits that really flatter your figure, getting your colours done or teaching yourself how to apply your make-up more effectively. Whatever you think needs doing make a plan and do it – make changes.

Being insecure about yourself will not help you in your quest to become irresistible. If you identify your assets and have the Courage and Self-Discipline to put in the work to make some changes to eliminate or reduce your weaknesses, you’ll end up with a Self-Esteem Inner Imp with genuine confidence that will shine and really give you the edge in the irresistibility stakes.

You’ll shine because you’ll know you’re the best you can be.

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