Help your Courage Find his Cojones

Are you always telling yourself “This’ll never work?”

Does Fear stop you from go-getting what you want in life?

Do you behave in the right way, even when it’s tough?

Frankly, is your Inner Imp Courage a coward?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then the chances are your Inner Imp Courage needs a little coaching to help him find his cojones. Today, we’re going to do just that. Let’s see if we can’t get your inner lion to have a fumble around until he finds them and encourage him to learn to roar loud enough to be heard above the chatter of your other Inner Imps.

Meet your Inner Imp Courage

We all need Courage. He encourages you to go out and live life, set goals, push yourself further and make changes for the better. The trouble is he’s prone to extremes. One minute he’ll have you convinced you’d survive if you jumped off that cliff like your “friends” – and we use the term “friends” mega-loosely” – the next he’ll be a gibbering wreck that will stop you setting yourself goals, chasing your dreams or standing up for yourself. If you don’t keep his muscles pumped up, Courage is susceptible to the peer pressure Fear, Temptation and Doubt are very adept at piling on.

According to Aristotle, Courage is about travelling the fine line between taking reckless risks and facing fear. The way we learn where this line lies is through experience – be it “learned” from our parents and peers or through our own trials and errors.

It’s time you stopped wrapping yourself and/or your children up in cotton wool. Wake up your  Inner Imp Courage and develop your judgement skills by getting out there and experiencing success and failure.


Understand your Fear

One of the first steps that will help develop Courage’s bravery is to understand the fears and anxieties your Inner Imp Fear conjures up whenever you are in a situation where you need Courage on your side. Work out the source of the anxieties Fear is using to stop you trying new things and whether they come from real or imagined danger, and you can work on overcoming them.

Get Active

Once you’ve worked out why Fear is stopping you taking action, you need to get active: get off your ass and do something basically. The only way to know what you can and can’t do is by trial and error. Go out and seek new experiences. If it’s your children that need courage, let them go out and experience life themselves instead of living it through your second-hand fears. You (or your children) will only ever truly fail in life if you (or your children) never bother to turn up and try things in the first place.

Face the Fear

It’s natural to be afraid when faced with the unexpected or new. The key is to face this fear and move past it. Fear will ALWAYS have a role to play – it’s nature’s way of protecting you from recklessness – however, we all tend to experience the most personal growth and success in life when we have embraced Fear’s irrational anxieties and taken a chance anyway.

Master your Emotions

Another way to overcome irrational fears and anxieties is to learn to master your emotions and the contributions your Inner Imps make to your self-talk to stir up these emotions. This doesn’t mean you completely squelch and ignore them or course, there is evidence to suggest this isn’t beneficial; besides which your emotions are valid and you have every right to feel them. The idea is to better choose the behaviour you indulge in as a result of your emotions to ensure they are productive and beneficial to your life as opposed to destructive and detrimental.

If you’d like to learn more about how to develop your courage, overcome fear and better control your emotions, actions and inactions through mastering your self-talk, the soon to be released book, Inner Imp Thinking does just that. Sign up below to receive a free pre-release copy when available (due for publication in March 2014).

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