Facing the Fear of Failure

Have your Inner Imps Fear and Doubt got you convinced you’ll fail?

Have you stopped getting up and going for things in life because every time you fall flat on your face?

Then maybe it’s time to freshen up another of life’s essential little life skills, “How to Turn Failure into Success”.

The immediate thoughts of most people when they hear the word “failure” are things like crap, loser, unsuccessful, drop-out, not-good enough – need I go on? I’m sure your Inner Imp Fear has shared more than a few of these thoughts with you himself.

Here at CANDo, we think it’s time to rewrite the definition of failure. It should read:

An instant of failing or being unsuccessful that provides the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.

(Apologies go out to Henry Ford here for cannibalising his famous quote but it had to be done as there’s SO much truth in it.)

If you look at many of the famous minds and inventors throughout history, you’ll find that the majority of them climbed a mountain of failures before they reached success at the top.

Thomas Edison (inventor of the light bulb) tried thousands of different designs and materials before he “alighted” – ha ha ha – on the right combination.

Einstein and Steve Jobs failed continually at school.

What made these guys different is that they didn’t give up and let fear of failure blight their chances.

If you can grapple with your Inner Imp Fear and adopt the same approach, you’ll get much more control over “Team You” and see that failure should never be an excuse to give up. It should only ever be an excuse to begin again, afresh, better equipped and more intelligently.

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. Henry Ford

Man apparently built square wheels before he came up with the round wheel. What would have happened if early man had given up and flounced off in a tantrum with an “I’m a failure, I can’t do anything. I’m not gonna bother next time.” type of attitude?

You only every fail at anything in life – and life in general for that matter – if you give up.

The next time you hear Fear and Doubt whispering in your ear;

“You’ll fail again.” “What’s the point you’ll never win.” “Give up, things are okay how they are aren’t they?” “You, Manager – ha ha ha ha!”

Know they’re doing “Team You” an injustice.

If you try and fail to get what you want or achieve what your want, take a mo’. Look at what you’ve learned and then try again. You just got the wrong formula, mixture of chances this time. Next time, take what you’ve learned with you and you’ll know better.

Whether it’s at school, in your career, in a sport competition or home alone trying to master your latest multi-functional, electronic device, there will be times things simply don’t go according to plan. Keep trying, because only then will there be another light bulb moment and you’ll reach your star.

There’s always something positive to be found in failure if you look for it, so go grab you’re CANDo Get-Up and Go-Go and go get some failures so you can make your life a success.

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