Boosting your Self-Esteem

If your Inner Imp Self-Esteem has been looking a little poorly of late – you know, a little pale and listless – it may be time to pop a little more pep in this little one’s step.

When Self-Esteem’s feeling run down, it can impact hugely on the happiness and success of “Team You” and your ability to fire up your CANDo Get-Up and Go-Go attitude.

This little imp will suck up every single bit of energy and motivation your other imps manage to sum up. He’ll also have no qualms sitting around listening to the negativities Doubt and Fear are more than willing to pour into his ears either – all that terrible-duo really want is to stop you pushing yourself to try new things and go for your goals.

If you find you’ve been sucked into such a pit of fearful inactivity and lack self-confidence, know that you’re not alone. In fact, there’s a bit of an epidemic going on. Poor economies and lousy job prospects are spreading low Self-Esteem faster than Bird Flu and it’s hitting a lot of people really hard.

The good thing is, low Self-Esteem isn’t terminal. With a little bit of effort, you can fix it.

There are loads of factors that can have an impact of Self-Esteem including:

  • Your own thoughts (be they self-sabotaging or positive).
  • How other people react to you.
  • The experiences you have at work, school or home.

There’s no denying, that relationships you develop with your nearest and dearest are important.


Because, it’s the messages about yourself that you receive over time from your partner, parents, brothers, sisters, teachers, co-workers, etc., that help you form your belief in yourself.

If you hear positive, healthy feedback, then Self-Esteem is going to puff himself up with pride. Conversely, if it’s all been a bit on the negative side of late, with constant criticism and negative feedback, then Self-Esteem is going be taking a bit of a knocking.

Once key thing that is more important however, is to remember that the one person that has the biggest impact of all on your Self-Esteem, is YOU.

Your thoughts, your focus, your perceptions are all under YOUR CONTROL.

If you find you’re focusing on stuff that you consider to be your weaknesses, disadvantages, etc., then STOP. Focus your thoughts on your positive qualities, stuff you’ve achieved. Learn to rewire your thoughts so you’re focusing on the good stuff.

By getting your thoughts under control and focusing on the good in you for just a minute or two every day, you can set your Self-Esteem on the road to recovery.

Start off slowly by thinking about your strengths or good things you’ve done. Do this at first minute by minute then hour by hour, day by day and slowly week by week. In a relatively short period of time, your life will start coming together in the form you want it to and you’re CANDo Get-Up and Go-Go will be right where you want it.

Self-Esteem fluctuates throughout our lives and they’ll be times when your’s just wants to be tucked up in a sick-bed with his nose buried in a good book. Make sure that book is a book of your positive thoughts. Thoughts about all your strongest traits, experiences and actions. If you CANDo that, you’ll be giving your Self-Esteem the helping hand it needs to get up and about again.

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