Are You Happy?

IT’S YOUR LIFE! Does it make you happy or would you be happier if your life were different?

Different job, house, car, partner that did this or that for you!

Ask yourself seriously, do you go through life looking for opportunities to improve things; looking for small things that make you happy? Or have you simply given up and sit complaining that life’s a bitch?

Why not change it?

IT’S YOUR LIFE! Your life is in your hands and it’s not made of stone. Your life is flexible enough to be moulded into what you want it to be if you put in a little effort.

If you don’t like something, don’t be a victim. CHANGE IT. And if you can’t change it then accept it and move on to something that will make it better!

Make a change today. Look around you and figure out a few things that will make you happy.

  • Smile at a stranger – they might just smile back
  • Walk past the children playing in the park and remind yourself to be joyful
  • Break your routine and do something a little differently to freshen things up
  • Do a quick job around the house that’s been bothering you for months
  • Ring a friend or relative for a light chat
  • Try positive thinking
  • Reach out and touch someone – hug or hold hands with your partner, children
Once you start changing small things for the better, it’s somehow easier to keep going with changing the bigger things.

Come on! You know you CANDo it and make your life a better place to live.

What do you do to inspire yourself to make your life better? Leave a comment or drop us a CANDo email.

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