3 Ways to Bump Up That Happy Feeling This Week

Here it comes, another kick-ass CANDoable aimed at giving your CANDo attitude a shot of go-go juice.

1.      Cherish What You’ve Got

Lurve so totally has to be at the root of happiness. If you can focus on someone in your life that you truly and honestly love and dig real deep down and get personal with the feeling you get when you think about them, it’s like taking your very own happy pill.

Cherish the ones you love and know that this is where true happiness stems from.

2.      Be Grateful

I can’t get enough of saying “thank you”, “thank you”, “thank you”, “thank you”, “thank you”, “thank you”.

Gratitude costs nothing but you can get SO much with it. Take a moment every day to be thankful for everything you’ve had or experienced that day. If the law of attraction is to be believed (and I know it is), this gratitude will attract other things you can be grateful for. In addition, if you really FEEL this gratitude with your emotions, happiness is guaranteed to gate crash any party going on in your life.

3.      Live Now!

Too many people spend their days regretting the past or worrying about the future leaving naff all time to live and enjoy today. Forget yesterday. Don’t think about tomorrow. LIVE, enjoy and really get in touch with the emotions that you’re feeling today. Get optimistic and make those emotions count.

Make the effort by getting into the habit of doing these three things daily for a week and you’ll have happy stuffing bursting out of your seams.

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