10 Feelings You Are Responsible For

No-one and nothing in life can bring you satisfaction if you’re continually unhappy and dissatisfied with yourself.

You are accountable for your own happiness and it’s up to you to take responsibility for it.

Ultimately all of your feelings are your responsibility and nobody can make you feel anything you don’t want to and that includes whether you feel:

  1. Happy / Unhappy
  2. Secure / Insecure
  3. Worthy / Unworthy
  4. Loved / Unloved
  5. Fulfilled / Unfulfilled
  6. Satisfied / Dissatisfied
  7. CANDo / Can’t Do
  8. Approved Of / Disapproved Of
  9. Grateful / Ungrateful
  10. Deserving / Undeserving

Be real! Do you honestly take responsibility for your feelings in each of these areas?

If you’re looking for someone or something else to make you feel happy, secure, satisfied, or whatever, it’s time to stand up and accept a whole heap more responsibility.

Accept responsibility and you will reap the rewards.

Once you accept that you’re the one in control, life will get a whole lot simpler. It’s a given that you can’t control everything tangible that goes on around you like the traffic at rush hour, the taxes the government take or the weather when you’ve planned a BBQ, but you can control how you allow yourself to “feel” about these things.

It’s all down to you baby!

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One Response to 10 Feelings You Are Responsible For

  1. Det Nilam September 7, 2012 at 10:23 am #

    I find point 7 “CANDo / Can’t Do” especially clever 🙂

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