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5 Tips for Keeping your Relationship Alive

Relationships take work. Just because you’ve been seeing each other a while, are already living together, married or even (argh!) have children, doesn’t change this. It’s little things in a relationship that make all the difference. Just a few simple things, could really help you get your shizzle together. Tip 1 When one partner is […]

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Commit 3 Random Acts of Kindness to Improve your Love Life

Once you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to fall into the trap of just toddling along with life. We slip into routines, bad habits, forgetting the little niceties that make a difference. Give your relationship a boost this week. Every day, commit 3 random acts of kindness for your partner. This could be anything but […]

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10 Conversation Tips for Partners

Yep! We women just lurve to talk. There’s no denying it and who the heck would want to anyway. Whereas for men, talking is usually a means to an end, conversation is the way many women connect emotionally with their partners. It’s a way they can express their deepest feelings and inner emotions – maybe […]

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5 Maintenance Tips for Improving your Love Life

If you’re in a relationship then you’re probably already more than aware it comes with ups and downs. What you had with your partner when you first met; before you started living together, got married or had children, is likely to bear little resemblance to the life you are actually living now. You can cry […]

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Looking for a Better Love Life – Get CANDo Love Life Skills

Love life and life skills – hmm, do they really go together. Oh Yes! Even your love life could be dramatically improved by honing a few of your life skills. When it comes to love, many believe in fate. One day you’ll be struck by a bolt of “whatever”, turn around and magically meet the […]

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