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How to Stop Taking Things Personally

One sure fire tip for improving your communications and relationships with other people is to “stop taking things personally”. I saw a video article in the Daily Mail recently about a young man on a skateboard who accidentally knocked over a young 4-5 year old boy (the whole incident was caught on camera). He immediately […]

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How to Raise Kids with CANDo Attitude

I don’t know about you, but I really hope my kids grow up with the kind of kick-ass CANDo attitude that will help them go-get the life they want when they become adults. Whether they do end up CANDo go-getters will be down largely to me: 1) making sure they grow up feeling good about […]

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9 Life Skills that Boost Personal Success

Whether it’s acquiring a new skill, achieving a personal sports record, getting fit, overcoming a serious illness or traumatic event, coping with unemployment or simply making it through the day with a positive outlook, we ALL have things in our life we deem important for us to achieve.  These things are our Personal Achievements the personal […]

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Excuses Don’t Justify Behaviour

It’s not my fault! I had a bad childhood! I tried but it was too difficult! These are the catch-all excuses that are stopping YOU achieving your dreams.  You may like to think of them as reasons but, in reality, they’re nothing more than EXCUSES and you need to stop making them. By understanding a […]

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Teaching Kids Problem Solving Life Skills

One of the most important life skills you can teach your children as they wander the lonely road of life, is how to solve life’s little problems on their own. This baby is gonna be used and constantly evolved throughout their lives. It’ll help them figure out what they want or need in life, how […]

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How to Build Good Habits

Although we’re all born with an innate skill for developing bad habits with ease, we often need a little help to get to grips with the “building good habits” life skill. The very fact that so many people clamour each New Year’s Eve to announce resolutions for the coming year is evidence enough that we’re […]

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