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Why is Courage Important?

Like all of your Inner Imps, Courage helps and hinders you in a wealth of ways. Courage gives you the pluck required to try new, risky or difficult ventures that have the potential to be beneficial for you. Courage gives you the strength NOT to follow the crowd. He backs you up when you say NO, […]

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Sharpen up your Listening Skills

Do you listen… NO I mean really LISTEN to people? Do you find people switch off when you’re talking? Would you like to improve your communication skills? One of the keys to communicating more effectively is to polish up your listening skills. Listening is a learned life skill. It’s not something everyone is born with […]

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Improve your Communication Skills

Do you sometimes feel that people don’t listening to you? Do you wish you could chat away to everyone with practiced ease? Is small talk your idea of a slow, painful death? There are those that are born naturals when it comes to communicating effectively and seem to be able to flap on to anyone […]

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