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Improve your Life with Positive Self-Talk

Self-talk is the constant monologue that goes on inside your head during most of your waking hours.  It consists of myriad voices that whisper advice and opinions that can trigger emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger and doubt.  What is worrying however, is that often many of these emotions aren’t pertinent to the immediate circumstances […]

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Stop Feeling & Start Doing

I’m not much of a television watcher but last night I was persuaded to watch “The Iron Lady” about Margaret Thatcher. “Dull viewing” many may think while others may feel the need to supress the shudder that rapidly works it’s way down their spine. Whatever you may have thought or think of her now though, […]

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The Secret to Happiness

Happiness won’t always come your way when you patiently wait for it. Sometimes you need to make life happen. You may not like to hear this, but it is most certainly the truth as far as your happiness is concerned. Sure, life will lob you a few sweet moments when everything appears to fall in your […]

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The Truth About Honesty

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” – Gloria Steinhem Nobody likes to hear the truth, be it me, you, your parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, the leaders of big business or even countries. It is for this reason it is so uncomfortable for us to really listen to our […]

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Who or What Are Inner Imps?

YOU, along with everyone else on the planet, have Inner Imps – a conscience, inner self-talk, voices, feelings, guides, however you like to refer to them is irrelevant. The only thing that is non-negotiable is your need to accept that they are there. Psychologists refer to their constant chatter as “self-talk”, but here at CANDo […]

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Why is Courage Important?

Like all of your Inner Imps, Courage helps and hinders you in a wealth of ways. Courage gives you the pluck required to try new, risky or difficult ventures that have the potential to be beneficial for you. Courage gives you the strength NOT to follow the crowd. He backs you up when you say NO, […]

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Help your Courage Find his Cojones

Are you always telling yourself “This’ll never work?” Does Fear stop you from go-getting what you want in life? Do you behave in the right way, even when it’s tough? Frankly, is your Inner Imp Courage a coward? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then the chances are your Inner Imp […]

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9 Life Skills that Boost Personal Success

Whether it’s acquiring a new skill, achieving a personal sports record, getting fit, overcoming a serious illness or traumatic event, coping with unemployment or simply making it through the day with a positive outlook, we ALL have things in our life we deem important for us to achieve.  These things are our Personal Achievements the personal […]

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Self-Sabotaging Thoughts

CANDoers aren’t superhuman, they constantly have fears and doubt themselves but then stick two fingers up at Fear and Doubt and do what needs to be done anyway because they know… If you’re having doubts, cast them aside and join up for our free CANDo Get-Up and Go-Go Newsletter. Dispel a few doubts and fears elsewhere […]

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How to Achieve What you Want

How can I become more successful? How can I get that promotion? How can I make sure my kid’s grow up with CANDo attitude? How can I boost my self-esteem? If you’re asking yourself these kinds of questions, the answer is actually pretty simple, the toughie lies in convincing you to see things the right […]

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